Bachelor’s thesis topics

Marketing topics

  • How loyalty cards of companies successfully encourage consumer and spending loyalty
  • How brands that get great marketing sell legitimate products
  • How Starbucks forever changed the marketing of their brand
  • Response behavior of consumers to schemes of internet marketing
  • How social media has transformed direct marketing 
  • Roles of direct marketing in building new businesses and customer relationships

Computer Science topics

  • The Process of Software Engineering
  • Security issues and related software cracking
  • Variations in the Software cost model
  • Data mining algorithms complexities and efficiencies
  • Techniques and tools of Project management
  • Help to fast access to developing new software

Finance topics

  • International microfinance development
  • Access to the financial services for the poor
  • Importance of access to credit cards to the investment and growth of financial services
  • A comparative study of Asia’s and Europe’s Financial innovation
  • Is the partnership between Private and Public Sectors crucial
  • The strategic discussions, analysis, and recommendations of the collective Investment scheme demand
  • Microfinance of the UK’s Banking Industry
  • The Local Market’s Financial Products Viability

MBA Topics

  • Using social media as a marketing strategy
  • Modern Public Universities’ Business practices
  • How to manage different people in one team effectively
  • A long term perspective of improving employee skills technically
  • How to protect the business from the negative press
  • The techniques marketers use to lure consumers into buying processed foods
  • How to successfully get consumers of different cultures to buy your product

Economic topics

  • The role of emigrants to the exportation of Entrepreneurial attitude
  • A business’ place for social reputation and competition
  • Urban and rural areas entrepreneurial differences
  • The position of local culture in shaping entrepreneurial approaches in business
  • How the regional policy in European countries mold places in the UK
  • Opportunities that the local authorities give in supporting local clusters
  • The analysis of the poorest and richest areas in the United Kingdom: Study of the cause for the divergence in the region.

Medicine and Health Topics

  • Healthcare Development, research, and policies
  • National Health Service effectiveness and its efficiency to elderly people
  • National Health Service’s Culture organization, dynamics, and Power


  • Ischemic Stroke outcomes of treatment and management
  • The United Kingdom’s Department of Health Public focus
  • WHO’s approaches and policies in understanding the development of children
  • Clinical management risks and issues associated with prostate cancer patients

Law Topics

  • A comprehensive study on the murder law
  • The civil code book assessment
  • Is freedom of expression acceptable or bad?
  • The regulatory environment in company law: are companies taking their profits into account?
  • An in-depth look into the violence against women and children
  • The effect of the law on society
  • Provocation Problems: a defense to murder

Business Topics

  • Motorola: the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration analysis
  • How patterns of government and business relations affect the industrial upgrading
  • The impact of globalization on Business teams
  • The Effect of Corporate Governance on Globalization
  • The performance of business teams in corporations worldwide

Management Topics

  • The productivity tips in organizing work life
  • How to work with X employees
  • The strategy of transformational change
  • Conflict management at work
  • Delegation: The methods that work
  • Ethics at the workplace

Tourism Topics

  • The effect of hurricanes and tsunamis on tourism
  • The outcomes of eco-tourism on locals in some areas
  • The downside of internet apps in the travel industry
  • American Tourists Attitude and Perception towards eco-tourism
  • How to ensure customer satisfaction
  • What drives tourists to visit dark tourism websites