A Collection of Thought-Provoking PhD Thesis Topics on Public Health

When you enter the field of public health, it is understood that your objective is to help families, individuals, or even entire communities learn healthy behaviors. You will find, as you work toward your degree, that you learn about how general health problems can affect entire populations. When it comes show what you know, a thesis order often must be written. Here are several though-provoking PhD thesis concerning public health.

  1. Diabetes Risk Factors and Prevalence of Early Mortality- Consider some of the most prominent factors for diabetes. Do these also contribute to early mortality in people of an area? Discuss the correlation between these factors.
  2. Human Rights and HIV - Consider the stigma and fear that surrounds HIV. Should HIV-positive people be forced to disclose their status to potential employers and sexual partners? What is the extent of their human rights?
  3. Post-Prison Release and Social Programs - Consider the risk of repeat offenses after a prison term. Does having a social program in place make them less likely to occur? Is this something that should be implemented everywhere?
  4. Mental Disabilities and Human Rights - Where do you draw the line for making personal decisions when someone is faced with a mental disorder? What human rights should they be allowed, depending on the extent of their illness?
  5. Mental Illness and Medication - Is it ever right to force medication on a mental patient? Discuss the severity of the mental illness and when it would be acceptable to force medication.
  6. Post-Partum Depression and Access to Mental Health Care - Consider how post-partum depression effects women in different parts of the world. Could the outcome be improved with better information and access to mental health help?
  7. Public Health and Collaborative Learning - How does encouraging students to work together benefit their ideas as a whole? What are the advantages and disadvantages of students sharing their research and ideas?
  8. Applied Public Health - Consider the ways which you yourself intend to impact individuals, communities, or countries around the world with your degree. What will be your focus? What outcomes do you hope to see from your ideas? This is a good opportunity to explore your passions of public health.